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Grupo Açaí Motion®️ presents an exclusive product with no conceptual similarity, serving the national and international market: AÇAÍ MOTION®️ Ready-to-eat liquid compound, Acai flavor – NCM 2202.99.00 Natural Energy, provided by the properties of Açaí and Guarana. No Taurine and only 3mg/269mL of natural caffeine from Guarana, little sugar (92kcal/269mL), keeping the sweetness pleasant. Balance in B Complex Vitamins, without excesses, with natural and artificial dyes, using black carrot concentrate to obtain a unique and radiant color

The design of the product was due to the great global acceptance of Açaí, a Brazilian fruit from the Amazon region with unique characteristics and used in various forms of use.

Our Açaí Motion ®️ is a liquid drink, ready for consumption, with exclusive, healthy, refreshing characteristics and can be used in different ways, pure or in special drinks and mixtures.

The design is to meet all tastes and reach the family consumer.
Because it has a light and pleasant flavor, it can interact with other drinks, participate in the creation of special, differentiated drinks, etc. which is proving to be an additional attraction offered by Açaí Motion®️ in its “flavor explosion” structure. It is a new product concept and genre, like “Family Drink”, “Mixing Drink”, “Beverage Harmonizer”.

One of the factories in Brazil has ISO 9000, 14001, 22000 certifications, among others, and is recognized worldwide in the area, not harming the environment at any stage of its manufacturing process or in activities associated with it. It is also already being produced in other plants in Brazil and in some strategic points in the world.

Focused on a growing approach to the international market, we immediately reached some countries where we have active partners and who are already receiving the product for registration in their territories, such as: Mexico, Canada, United States of America, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia , Colombia, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Panama and Dominican Republic (reaching Central America and the Caribbean as a whole), Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Greece, Italy, Russia, reaching all of Europe, Emirates Arabs, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Iran, New Zealand, Australia, Bahrain, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Angola, South Africa, starting strategic expansion and production in Japan and being approved in China and other markets that are initiating dialogue. In the Brazilian market, we target partners who want to act in the local, state or regional distribution of Açaí Motion®️ through a specific Expansion Management that takes care of the entire process.

Grupo Açaí Motion®️ created an institutional website for the product Açaí Motion®️ (acaimotion.com) that makes the product clear, objective and transparent, guiding independent actions of our partners, distributors and representatives all over the world, including Brazil.

We created a Premium product, with unique quality and competitive price, which pleases the Brazilian and international markets.

Get out of the box, be different, be real!
Acai Motion®️, the Real Energy Drink!!!

Service, Manufacturing and Logistics

By giving special and personalized attention to each client, understanding the peculiarities of each country, its culture, economy, politics and social issues, we are able to create a harmonious environment and generate good business for all involved. At Grupo Açaí Motion® we have guaranteed satisfaction
to all sides.

By creating new products each season, we will be able to have a diversification of items within the Açaí Motion concept in different versions, as well as other products from other segments, within the food chain that the Açaí Motion® Group consolidates each year. Soon we will have products like Shot Açaí Motion®, Recovery Açaí Motion® and Gel Açaí Motion®.

With differentiated service and executing the entire business chain, the Açaí Motion® Group manages, in addition to offering a unique product, to provide a service of excellence in the development of Foreign Trade. Meet our partners so that Açaí Motion is in the shortest time in your region of operation.


"We are starting the production of Açaí Motion in Canada and I am sure of success! Açaí Motion is exactly what the market asks for: a tasty drink with natural ingredients, nutritionally balanced and carbonated in the right measure. It's impossible not to like it!"
Ottawa / Canadá
I met through a friend, top experience, explosion of flavors! I recommend
Met by a friend! It tastes great and is not cloying like many energy drinks. I'm a consumer and I say try it, because it's really worth it!
Pedro Farinazzo
"In a health food store, Yea That he really is natural and delicious! Try it and you won't want another one! "
Debora Barros



Grupo Açaí Motion works with partners, suppliers and producers who are certified by the most diverse types of recognized and important certifications in the Globe.

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